There were several large projects being carried by DATI Group in 2018. First, DATI Group partnered with Riga City Council supporting its efforts to provide a video surveillance service in the city. Second, DATI Group signed a collaboration agreement with SPAN from Croatia providing all the technical support of lunching a Passenger Name Register (PNR, ISF-9/17) in the state’s authority. Third, DATI Group successfully delivered for Latvian Post 600 cash systems having integrated them within customer’s infrastructure.


The most important issue in 2017 for company was starting a large project together with Latvian National Library supporting its requirements towards significant increase of IT infrastructure’s capacity as well as strong increase of processing power was also achieved. In general, this allowed the National Library to launch an ambitious project for the preservation of cultural heritage by digitalising the films produced in Latvia in a high-resolution format, which was not possible before because of infrastructure constraints.

On January 27, 2017 “Komerccentrs DATI grupa” Ltd. changed the name of the company to “DATI Group” Ltd. The trademark “Komerccentrs DATI grupa” remains in use for as long as necessary for smooth transition to the new identity “DATI Group” Ltd. The company name change is done with the aim of expanding the company’s activities outside the borders of Latvia.


Signing a contract with State Border Guard about Entry-Exit information system’s (REIS) development and support was one of the significant milestones for company in 2016. Another large project company carried as one of the subcontractors was renovation of hotel Kempinski providing all the cabling project part.


In 2015, “Komerccentrs DATI grupa” initiated and implemented a number of significant projects:

  • Was implemented SJSC “Latvijas dzelzceļš” project “Rail passengers` infrastructure modernization” within which we carried out Passengers` Warning System`s (PWS) and Video Surveillance System`s (VSS) engineering and installation at 16 railway stations and data center.
  • Completed “KanAm Grund Kapitalverwaltungsgesellschaft mbH.” project “Video surveillance system in the shopping center Domina”. Within the project, we carried out system`s design and delivered 198 Axis IP security cameras, adequate network of passive and active infrastructure, Milestone XProtect video management systems and video servers, as well as people counting system.
  • Completed State Revenue Service`s (SRS) project “Transfer of Data Center`s facilities and information system`s migration to a data center to Talejas Street 1, Riga, and support from experts.”
  • The Information Centre`s of the Ministry of the Interior project “Axios Assyst technical support and update delivery” was implemented.
  • The Information Centre`s of the Ministry of the Interior project “Passenger Name Record system`s analytic software development” was launched. Passenger Name Record system will allow law enforcement authorities to proactively evaluate the security risks associated with air passengers arriving to Latvia from countries outside the European Union or departing from Latvia to countries outside the European Union.
  • The agreement “The hardware repair and maintenance services” was signed with the State Employment Agency (SEA). “Komerccentrs DATI grupa” for the next two years will provide IT services to all SEA`s units in the country (a total of 54).

In 2015 “Komerccentrs DATI grupa” signed a contract with Jaunjelgava council on electronic communications infrastructure`s long-term lease. The named electronic communications infrastructure is located in and cover territories of Jaunjelgava, Aizkraukle, Koknese, Nereta, Pļavinu and Skrīveru municipalities (formerly Aizkraukle district), thus significantly expanding the area within which “Komerccentrs DATI grupa” provides electronic communications services. At the same time, communication system`s improvement and renovation works were continued throughout the coverage area, which allows to deliver better quality and more stable services to customers.

In 2015 “Komerccentrs DATI grupa” has become an official partner of Citrix, gaining SILVER Citrix Solution Advisor status. Likewise, cooperation established with manufacturers such as Huawei and SolidFire.

Active participation in non-governmental organizations in 2015 resulted in the Latvian Chamber of Commerce`s annual award for the promotion of the business environment`s development in Riga.


In 2014 the most important “Komerccentrs DATI grupa”, ltd project to mention is the State Revenue Service`s “Data center`s equipment relocation and migration of information systems to the data center on Talejas Street 1, Riga, and support from experts.”

In 2014 SIA “Komerccentrs DATI grupa” becomes the only authorized IBM business partners with the right to deliver new licenses as well as licenses for the extension of maintenance services for IBM i2 products. IBM i2 is an analytical solution that helps both security services and private companies to identify, predict, prevent and eliminate criminal, terrorist and fraudulent activities. This solution makes it possible from a variety of sources and large amounts of data to get the display, critical and valuable information for the detection of criminal activity.

Also in 2014, “Komerccentrs DATI grupa” was actively involved in the education and support of the new professionals within the ICT industry. Chairman of the Board Aldis Gulbis gave lectures: “How to introduce modern technology” to the students of the Latvian University`s Faculty of Economics and Management; and “The role of technologies in business and in the innovation implementation process” at the   “Latvian Investment and Development Agency” (LIAA) organized event “Innovation days for students “, which Aldis Gulbis also attended as a member of the jury. For active work we also received recognition from the Education and Science Minister Mārīte Seile, who presented certificates of appreciation to the company’s employees for professional support to the in the preparation of the contestants for the EuroSkills 2014.

We continued co-operation with non-governmental organizations. “Komerccentrs DATI grupa” received a Latvian Security and Defence Industries Federation (hereinafter – the Federation) Membership certificate. Certificate was presented in recognition of the company’s contribution to the founding of the Federation, participation and contribution to the development of the industry. In turn, “Komerccentrs DATI grupa” project manager Peteris Sliede was re-elected to the Latvian Open Technology Association`s (LATA) Board.


“Komerccentrs DATI grupa” started the year 2013th with the participation in an ambitious NATO capability development project “NATO Alliance Ground Surveillance” (AGS) realization. After more than four years of preparatory work on December 7, 2012, an agreement was signed between “Komerccentrs DATI grupa” and programs general contractor – the German company Airbus Space and Defence. Implementation of the project will last until April 2017.

In 2013 “Komerccentrs DATI grupa” continued to closely cooperate with their partners. “Komerccentrs DATI grupa” was incorporated in IBM Distributor Growth Fund program (Growth Fund Reseller Program – RGF). This program is dedicated to the best business partners. “Komerccentrs DATI grupa” is one of the few companies in the region, which was offered such an opportunity. Distributor Growth Fund program is designed to help partners to create new market opportunities, to support them in their efforts to acquire new customers, supporting specialist skills, thus rewarding their trust in IBM.

“Komerccentrs DATI grupa” gained recognition from other partners as well. We received a “Microsoft Customer Excellence Award 2013” in category “Flexible working style promoter”, as well as the ALSO Award “Best project partner”.

“Komerccentrs DATI grupa” in 2013th, was actively involved in supporting young professionals. In cooperation with “SANTA MONICA NETWORKS” “Komerccentrs DATI grupa” trained vocational schools` students for international competition for young professionals WorldSkills, which in year 2013 took place in Germany. Students` knowledge and skills in ICT were improved through the tuition and training camps. In addition, for the second year “Komerccentrs DATI grupa” supported vocational training competition “Young Professional 2013”. “Komerccentrs DATI grupa” also supported the Latvian vocational education institutions` competition in the information and communication sector by providing programming technicians contestants with the necessary technical solutions. “Komerccentrs DATI grupa” received gratitude from the National Centre for Education.

We also took part in the project “Career Week”. “Komerccentrs DATI grupa” introduced students with an environment, in which daily ICT professionals work, organized a seminar, in which presented the company, talked about the most important projects, as well as internship opportunities.

In the 2013 within the project “The organization of the traineeship in Latvia and / or in other EU countries for vocational subject teachers` and internship mentors`” four Latvian teachers under the guidance of our specialists improved their knowledge in an internship program “Internship for Computer technicians` specialty teachers.” Teachers were educated on topics such as Enterasys Network Management Suite – Net Sight, IBM Tivoli Storage Management Software and data management, hardware maintenance, application, and system security monitoring.

“Komerccentrs DATI grupa” as one of the founder participated in foundation of “The Federation of Security and Defence Industries of Latvia”, which officially was registered on the 22nd of March 2013.


2012 was a year of different important projects. Towards the end of  the year we became participants in the implementation of a major NATO skills development project “Alliance Ground Surveillance” (AGS) . We are the only company in Latvia taking part in the implementation of a project of this scale. The aim of the NATO program AGS, also called “Eyes in the sky”, is to create a system that provides ground surveillance and reconnaissance from the sky using special unmanned aircraft called “GlobalHawk”.

The airplanes are planned to be equipped with a wide area multifunctional ground surveillance sensor (radar) with a high performance rate and a wide angle of vision. We have successfully implemented several significant projects. We have carried out the State Border Guard Central management project “The creation of Border Guard information system “RAIS 2009””. A centralized incident management system was developed within the framework of the project, with the aim to improve border guard processes. The Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs management project “The modernization of the technical infrastructure of the passport system and the Joint migration information system for issuing electronic identification cards and electronic residence permits (cards)” has been concluded. Within the framework of the project we implemented an infrastructure, which provides a stable high availability environment for the data processing and storage operations required for issuing ID cards, hence providing the ID issuing process. The implementation of the Office of Internal Affairs Information central project “The creation of a biometry data processing system” has come to a finish. Within the framework of the project a joint biometry data processing system was created for establishing individual identities and observing the usage of someone else’s identity by issuing and checking certificates of authority and IDs. We also implemented the Latvian nature fund project “Eagles across borders”. The aim of the project is to research and provide protection for the white tailed eagle and osprey in Latvian and Estonian border regions. The birds are observed with two wireless internet cameras. The system is completely autonomous, because alternative power or solar panels are used to supply cameras and the transmitter with power. The system is equipped with a GSM module, which allows to gather information on the system status remotely, thus not disturbing the birds with human presence.

After 21 years of successful collaboration we have passed on the NAIS distribution and maintenance contractual obligations to the systems developer and copyrights owner “ExigenServices Latvia”. Keeping in mind a further product development a decision was made to pass on all the NAIS development and maintenance related obligations and rights to the hands of one holder, thus providing a faster, more comfortable and productive information systems service.

We have become a IBM Premier level partner, which is the highest possible IBM partner status. The high evaluation was achieved by fulfilling specific financial criteria, reaching certain level specialist qualification, as well as developing a future vision for implementing products and services in collaboration with IBM.

We have further improved the collaboration with the lecturers and students of professional educational institutions. We prepared professional educational institution students for the international new professional competition Euroskills 2012, which took place in Belgium. For the first time Latvian Information and communications technology (IKT) profession group took part in the competition. Komerccentrs DATI grupa was a base company whose specialists provided the new IT professionals with support in preparations for the competition. The IKT field skills of the students were improved with the help of tutoring and practical training camps. We also provided support for professional educational competition “Jaunais profesionālis 2012”, in which for the first time the new IKT field specialists competed against one another.

Komerccentrs DATI grupa chairman of the board Aldis Gulbis was repeatedly elected into the service council of the Latvian Chamber of Trade and Industry (LTRK).


The project started in 2010 on the creation and installment of a biometry data processing system and the delivery of technical infrastructure and biometry software in the Office of internal affairs Information center has been finished. As a result of the project we have become one of the largest professional biometry device suppliers in Latvia. The implementation of two large scale projects in the State Border Guard has been begun – the creation of the Border Guard information system “RAIS 2009” and the creation of a wireless data transmission net in Zilupe border crossing.

We have also won in the purchase organized by the Office of citizenship and migration affairs – “The modernization of the technical infrastructure of the passport system and the Joint migration information system for issuing electronic identification cards and electronic residence permits (cards)”. The implementation of the project will take place in the first quarter of 2012. We have also begun the creation and renovation of a computer network in the Riga Eastern clinical university hospital. As a result of a successful collaboration we are the largest supplier of IT products and services for the Eastern hospital third year in a row. From the technological aspect a big challenge is the project on introducing the speed cameras, which is implemented with the Office of internal affairs and VitronicBaltica and in which we are a technological partner and will begin the implementation of the project from our side in 2012. Using the leading equipment in the world, we will provide the data transmission from stationary speed cameras to data processing centers, as well as provide the development of interfaces with programs used in data processing centers.

Within the framework of the Blue ocean strategy, the employees and the management of the company are actively working on creating new, competitive basic activity directions for widening the present service range. In result since 2011 we have been offering a new service for our customers – video surveillance. Implementation of such a service was a very adequate solution, taking into the account that video surveillance is a quickly developing business branch. We have improved our competence and skills to be able to implement large and complicated projects. At the end of the year we won in the Latvian nature fund purchase and in the first quarter of 2012 the implementation of the project “Eagles across borders” (“Ērgļi pāri robežām”) will begin, where anyone interested will be able to observe eagle movement from Latvia to Estonia and vice-versa live.

The Republic of Latvia Ministry of defense awarded Komerccentrs DATI grupa for an active participation and contribution in promoting the collaboration with the Ministry of defense. Since 2008 Latvia as a NATO member state takes participation in the Alliance Ground Surveillance (AGS) project. AGS is a NATO program, also called “Eyes in the sky”, the aim of which is to create a system that would provide ground surveillance from the air using special pilotless planes „GlobalHawk”. A chance to participate in this project was given to one company from every NATO member state. After preparation works lasting several years we were chosen to represent Latvia in this project and it is planned that with the year 2012 the implementation of the project will begin.

ALSO, which is one the leading IKT wholesale and logistics companies in the Europe have recognized us as the Best project partner of 2011.

September 27 marks the 20th anniversary of our Legal Acts Information System, which after 1992 became the widely used Normative acts information system NAIS.

Komerccentrs DATI grupa chairman of the board Aldis Gulbis is elected the head of the service council of Latvian Chamber of Trade and Industry (LTRK). Since LTRK is also one of the “Praise good service” (“Uzslavē labu servisu”) campaign supporters, thanks to the Service council initiative the campaign is supplemented with a new nomination “Friendliest e-service” (“Draudzīgākais e-pakalpojums”).


As a socially responsible company in the first half of 2009 we donated hardware and software to a University of Latvia Fund scholarship “Ceļamaize”, in the result of which we have become a University of Latvia patron. The computers are intended for University of Latvia 1st course basic studies program students, who have an insufficient material provision for studies and are hardworking and capable in studies, as well as active in social life.

Since 2010 we offer a new service “My NAIS” (“Mans NAIS”), that allows the user to create lists of regularly required documents; organize and arrange documents in a comfortable to him way; add his notes and commentary to the documents; receive messages on changes in the legal acts; adjust the message forwarding options; review recently opened documents and adjust NAIS operation for his own needs.

This year too we continue to actively participate in Latvian Chamber of Trade and Industry social activities. Since 14 April 2010 the chairman of the board of the company Aldis Gulbis is a council member of the Latvian Chamber of trade and industry and the head of the Service council at the same time. We also take active participation in the “Public and private partnership association” society activities. One of the society members of the board is the chairman of the board of the company Aldis Gulbis.

In 2010 the company has several important projects. In the beginning of the year we implemented the project “Norwegian government double-faced financial instrument priority “Schengen” project Nr. LV0035 “Improving of the Republic of Latvia Criminal records registration” in the Office of internal affairs Information center and the European Union program “CriminalJustice” project Nr. JLS/2007/JPEN/059-CR “Improving National Criminal records for information exchange between European Union member states’ criminal records”  purchase of required hardware and licenses. At the end of May we finished the implementation of the project in Riga Eastern clinical university hospital on the creation of a computer network central management block, data processing, reorganization of the management and accessibility communication infrastructure, as well as renovation of the “Latvian Oncology Center” department clinic computer network and adaptation of the server room. And in August we began the implementation of the project in the Office of internal affairs Information center on the creation, implementation and the delivery of the technical infrastructure of the biometry data processing system. The project is implemented within the framework of the European Regional development fund “The creation of a biometry data processing system”.


We have begun an organization environment adjusting program in the Office of internal affairs Information center, where we plan to implement all 11 ITIL methodology processes. This is a long term project the duration of which is anticipated to be 2 years.

In 2009 Company reputation top we reach the 137th position.

In November 2009 we pass the quality management system recertification audit with no inadequacies and receive the certificate for conformity to ISO 9000:2008 requirements.


We have defined the company’s basic activity directions and continue to work on improving business processes. We have begun a Configuration management process installment in the company, in the result of which an integration of the company’s database will be possible.

30% of provision resources have been optimized, in the result of which with no increase of work force we have increased productivity.

We have implemented several large projects in the State Revenue service, including the development and implementation of a document digitalization system. Several projects have been implemented in the Office of internal affairs as well, including net security solution implementation.

Within the framework of the project “Third Father’s Son” („Trešais Tēva Dēls”) we provided the installment of Internet in Bauska and Aizkraukle libraries.

In November 26 Latvian Quality association and the Republic of Latvia Ministry of Economy awarded the company with a Quality award in the small and medium sized company groups. The shape of the award symbolizes development and development is one of our company’s values. Development is breakout, the ability to see beyond the usual everyday frames.


We have created a Research and development department, that has been put forward a set of long term tasks for creating new products and services.

We are granted the Enterasys Networks highest partnership status „Enterasys Platiniumpartner” and we are the only partner of such level in the Baltic states.

For the seventh year in a row we have been recognized as the leading collaboration partner of “IBM Latvija” and the information technology wholesale company “GNT Latvia”. IBM has certified us as the largest Latvian business partner of 2007, that has given a great investment in the distribution of IBM products and the implementation of IBM projects.

We are granted the 3rd category Industrial safety certificate, that is a document granted by a competent authorized state institution, which acknowledges the merchant’s rights to perform work, that contains state secrets, international organization or foreign classified information and the merchant’s ability to provide the security for such information. The rights to work within the framework of this certificate is granted to nine employees of our company. The certificate is granted for five years.


We are recognized as the best SecureNetworks solution partner of the net device manufacturer Enterasys in western Europe.

We have founded the public organization “it SMF Latvia”. The activity of the organization is directed towards the development of the IT service sector in keeping with a better practice, the development of the IT service quality, as well as towards society awareness of a better practice in the IT sector.

Implementing the European regional development fund project “The creation of a municipality e-administration base”, from 21  September 2006 to April 2007 in Bauska, Ventspils, Cesis, Daugavpils, Aizkraukle, Jelgava, Valka, Rezekne, Gulbene and Saldus we created municipality information technology competence centers. We were the general contractor of the project contractors.


We have become the first IBM Premier level partner in terms of service in Baltics and with the raise of competence of our employees Hewlett Packard significantly raise our service partner status, allowing to offer additional services – Komerccentrs DATI grupa becomes a Hewlett-Packard Preferred partner.

By getting acquainted with ITIL we have realized that putting in order and optimizing inner processes is the base for a company to quickly and effectively exercise its influence by working proactively, determined and systematic, as well as reacting on current changes in the market.

By taking into account the suggestions of our employees we create the company’s Vision of changes, which anticipates the usage of ITIL methodology in the company. To successfully implement the changes, all employees are involved in the realization of the vision.

We found a subsidiary company SIA “Metrika” with the aim to provide high level process management services, as well as comprehensive training on process management and installment of ITIL methodology.


We repeatedly have received a certificate, which acknowledges the company’s quality management system conformity to ISO 9001:2000 standard requirements.

Normative acts information system (NAIS) is made available for anyone interested, by implementing a payment system with short messages from the mobile net.

We have carried out the lately largest project on the delivery and installment of UPS (uninterruptible power supply) devices in Latvia – the new-built JSC “Hansabanka” central building in Kipsala is equipped with UPS devices that provide quality and uninterruptible power supply for the computer system of the building, data center, telecommunication devices and security systems.

We begin to get acquainted with ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) methodology. ITIL aggregates the world’s best practice that comes from state organizations and companies, as well as from private sector companies.


We are awarded the Microsoft Gold partner status in the product support service field (Microsoft Gold Partner for Support Services). Partnership status and services developed according to these terms mean that we are able to offer authorized and professional Microsoft software support services.

We receive a “Novell” business partner qualification within the “Novell Partner Net” program.


We establish an IT manager, expert and system administrator club “IT director” (“IT directors”), which once a month discusses the IT development tendencies.

In collaboration with JSC “DATI” we begin the joining of legal acts with European Union legal acts in NAIS database.

By the data summarized from Latvian IT companies, in 2002 we have received the most rights to implement state and municipality orders.


Concern “DATI” takes the decision on selling its owned Komerccentrs DATI grupa stock capital shares to the management of the company, thus we become an independent and individual company.

We have received the ISO 9001 quality certificate, which acknowledges the company’s operation conformity to 9001:1994 (TickIT) quality management system requirements.

We have become a Quantum/ATL (now Quantum) collaboration partner and service center in Latvia.


The only IT field magazine in Latvia “Datorpasaule” conducted a reader survey and we are acknowledged as the best IT field company in Latvia.

We are announced as the leading collaboration partners of “IBM Latvija”, the largest information technology wholesale company in Latvia “GNT Latvia” and “TechData Latvia”.


In collaboration with SIA “Lattelekom” we implement the project “Apollo dators” (“Apollo computer”), which is the first project in Latvia that allows the purchase of a computer with an Internet connection with a deferred payment.


Komerccentrs DATI grupa is reorganized to move to a more effective economic and financial management form. To increase the stock capital of the company, the leading employees of the company are invited to be the owners. Business activity form is changed and the new name of the company is SIA „Komerccentrs DATI grupa”. The changes affect the parent company as well – from now Komerccentrs is one of the subsidiary companies of the concern “DATI” (Data Processing Technology Integrators).

We found the public organization „Latvijas Informācijas un komunikācijas tehnoloģijas asociācija” (LIKTA) (Latvian information and communication technology association). The aim of the association is to popularize and promote the development of the information society in Latvia, so that every state resident could benefit from information technologies and full participate in the new economy.

We have created a partnership agreement with IBM and become an authorized IBM Systems&Services partner with the rights to provide deliveries to UNIX type servers, Data arrays, Netfinity servers and computers and we become the service center for the last two technology groups.


While implementing state administration institution orders the management of the company realize how important a service support is in regions, therefore a computer engineering service net is created uniting the leading computer companies of 17 Latvian cities.

Having the regional development and business expansion in mind we open a branch office in Rezekne, which operates successfully until 2006.

We create the Software Copyrights agency with the aim to support global copyright politics, which promotes innovations, the development of software and related technology and creates a competitive environment.


We have become the partner and service center in Latvia of Cabletron Systems (later Enterasys Networks).

Customers call the NAIS system “the third lawyer” and it becomes the advertising slogan of the product.


We have become an authorized Hewlett-Packard service center.


The name of the company is changed to A/S „SWH Informatīvās Sistēmas” komerccentrs, the company rights go to A/S „SWH Rīga” subsidiary company A/S „SWH Informatīvās Sistēmas”.

We have begun operating in the UNIX solutions field as a SUN RISC server distributor and are basically the only company in Latvia working in this field.

We have become a Hewlett-Packard and Powerware collaboration partner and a Powerware service center in Latvia.


A/S „„SoftwareHouseRiga” komerccentrs” is found on 12 February with the aim to maintain Legal acts informative system (now – NAIS) and other A/S „SoftwareHouseRiga” developed products, as well as to represent world leading IT manufacturers in Latvia. The basic activity of the newly found company is sales of computer engineering. The largest computer engineering store in Baltic is opened in Riga.

An IT service department is created in the company. Although creating such departments is not popular at the time, it allows to make the work of the company a lot more effective.