IT solutions

In collaboration with IBM, HewletPackard, Enterasys Networks, Microsoft, Novell, Quantum, EatonPowerQuality (Powerware), Fortinet we offer you net and data security solutions, including data storage and backup copying solutions, providing the installment, adjustment and audit of the technologies.

Software solutions

In collaboration with IBM, Milestone Systems and Micro Systemation DATI Group Ltd. provides software solutions for implementation of specific customer requirements. For example, i2 – solution for fraud investigation, TRIRIGA – real estate management tool, XRY and XAMN – data acquisition (from mobile devices) and analysis solution for forensics and security authorities.

There is also a software development team, who has implemented systems of different complexity levels for public and private sector costumers in Latvia and for NATO.

Network management and security solutions

We offer a wide range of computer network infrastructure, management and security solutions:

  • Identity and accessibility management system
  • Common computer network infrastructure management (OneFabric solution)
  • Providing of virtual Data Center network environment
  • Providing of network security and quality of service of virtual desktop  environment
  • Enterasys computer network infrastructure, where wire and wireless accessibility solutions are integrated in a single management domain
  • Enterasys network switching solutions
  • Enterasys WiFi wireless network systems
  • Security information and event management system (SIEM)
  • Intrusion detection and prevention sensors (IDS/IPS)
  • Fortinet firewalls and Unified Threat Management (FW, UTM)
  • Service

We offer demonstrations of all our systems and solutions by you or at our laboratory.

Server systems solutions

We offer various architecture server system solutions, which provide simple physical server solutions, and high functionality virtualization solutions that are based on the globally most used virtualization platforms, as well as high availability solutions that can provide availability for more than 99.9%.

Data storage and security solutions

We offer a wide range of different data storage solutions, from simple solutions for small offices, to high performance and wide functionality solutions, which are designed for big enterprises with high data availability requirements. Many years of experience in introducing such solutions ensure that we will be able to create the most appropriate data storage and data security solution for you.

Uninterruptible power supply (UPS) solutions

Our collaboration with EATON has developed successively after the collaboration with Powerware, that was previously known as Invensys, ExideElectronics, FPS, FiskarsPowerElectronics. We have been collaborating with this manufacturer since 1997. EATON have one of the leading UPS solutions and have developed and patented many technologies and solutions used today.

We offer such UPS solutions:

UPS devices

The devices are designed to provide quality power supply to loads connected to it, prevent any grid disturbances and voltage interruptions. We offer UPS devices according to your needs:

  • by topology – stand-by,line-interactive and on-line devices
  • by usage – devices for work stations, devices for servers, devices for data center, building, office and production line (industrial UPS) critical load power supplying.
  • by performance – monophase and three-phase devices
  • by power capacity – devices with power capacity of 300-3000VA, 5-6 kVA, 8-15kVA, 20-80kVA, 100kVA-1MVA

ePDU  (power distribution unit) is intended for organized, accurate connection of load to the electrical power network. Very various models are available in this class. Some of the models provide an option of distant monitoring and management of connected loads.

UPS monitoring and management

In general EATON products are described by their compactness, safety and quality. The advantage is that many of the devices have the option to increase power capacity after time (not changing power capacity components), thus allowing to cut the initial costs:

  • EATON HotSync technology provides concurrent operation of the UPS device with the target to increase safety or power capacity.
  • EATON ABM (Advanced Battery Management) technology – is an intelligent algorithm for charging the batteries, which allows to prolong the battery service life and in a long-term lower the maintenance costs.
  • EATON IPM (Inteligent Power Monitor) – is a software that allows to simultaneously monitor and manage many UPS devices and ePDU.

We have collaborated and implemented UPS solution projects in banks, transport and communications companies, state institutions and enterprises. The target audience is any enterprise to the work of which IT infrastructure or business operation (i.e. customer service centers, data processing storage centers, security systems, video surveillance, production lines, medical equipment, etc.) continuity is vitally important.

Virtualization solutions

We offer a virtualization platform and its management tools using Microsoft, VMWare, IBM, Enterasys Networks and Fortinet products. We will assist you in both implementing the virtualization platform and offering solutions for its effective management.