Maintenance of the IT infrastructure

We offer a wide range of services for our clients – from providing and maintaining IT device operation in whole, to implementing individual projects. We offer such IT infrastructure support services in all of Latvia:

IT system audit, analysis of its results and recommendations

We have gained a great deal of experience in analyzing and creating different solutions. We perform IT infrastructure and security audits based on our extensive knowledge base. During the audit we will conduct your employee survey and test the IT infrastructure and software. After the audit we will summarize the observations and acquired conclusions and based on that we will offer you according recommendations. If necessary, we can perform an optimization of your IT infrastructure.

Delivery and instalation of hardware

We perform the delivery and installment of hardware, as well as its configuration for work in your IT environment. The preparation of the hardware standard set is done according to your requirements. If necessary, we can perform a hardware cloning.

Hardware maintenance and repair

We provide maintenance services, as well as warranty and post-warranty repair of your hardware. The maintenance service content is discussed and coordinated with the customer. During the hardware repair we offer our customers equipment for temporary use.

If the hardware has a manufacturer’s warranty, we offer to deliver the damaged hardware to the warranty service center specified by you. We perform warranty repairs according to the terms and conditions set by the manufacturer and the spare parts for every repair are ordered from the manufacturer.

Incident prevention

Every registered application is solved using our Service desk. Incident prevention is performed using the Service Level Agreement (SLA) parameters, for example – reaction and guaranteed prevention times. SLA parameters are set according to your business needs.

Computer network maintenance

We provide local computer network maintenance for optimal performance. The local computer network maintenance is done according to your needs. During the maintenance we perform such tasks like computer network load and permeability testing, computer network connection defect detection and prevention, computer network integrity testing and computer network device configuration conformity testing.

Hardware maintenance

Hardware maintenance is intended for keeping its performance capability at a constant rate for a longer period of time. Activities performed in maintenances consist of hearing the user opinions on hardware performance, its integrity test, device driver renewal and parameter coordination, hardware software upgrade, installment of newest software upgrades and versions on demand, hardware configuration conformity test, UPS operation test.


We provide consultations on IT infrastructure questions both in person and remotely. We organize access to your computer to remotely provide software and configuration problem detection and prevention. If necessary, we perform a regular IT infrastructure monitoring.

The Service desk, where applications are registered and you can receive information on the course of their solution, helps us to provide quality services. The applications are registered and processed according to SLA parameters. Outside the working hours applications are received electronically or via our homepage, which provides automatic registration of applications for problem processing. Solution of applications received outside working hours begins in 8:00 the next workday according to the SLA parameters, by fixing the precise application receival time.