Service desk

Service desk

Nowadays one of the success factors of a company is a professional customer service. Therefore for customer service we offer you to use our Service desk services, which are based on service management methods tested in practice. Our professional team will be able to quickly get an insight on your reported service content no matter the field you work in.

The service desk is the central point where the customer applications – questions, incidents, service requests, problems, change requests, ideas and complaints – are registered and processed. The service desk either solves the application itself (level one) or transfers it to level two specialists (experts). The service desk informs customers and users on all events, actions and possibilities that affect the services received by the customer. Every registered application is being solved by having control over the terms and other parameters (i.e. reaction and correction time) set forth in the contract concluded with the customer.

The service desk prepares and delivers summaries and reports in a mutually agreed form and time on a regular basis in accordance with the SLA (Service level agreement) terms. For preparing and delivering the summaries and reports we use the report management tool CrystalReport, which allows to automate the processes of preparing and delivering the reports.

We will:

  • manage the customer applications by involving your employees and partners, as well as control the duly execution of them and the client satisfaction,
  • provide support to your services and carry out proactive actions, operatively react on disturbances that impede effective delivery of services,
  • perform accounting and help structure the organization from a service delivery point of view,
  • help arrange processes, by providing recommendations on the desirable changes for improving your services.

You will:

  • raise the efficiency of your business,
  • improve the quality of your services,
  • save time and lower expenses,
  • be able to control and plan your resources in a more convenient and precise manner.

We will provide duly and efficient assistance in providing services needed daily.